Corporate Information Management Team

The management at Daltile consists of experienced professionals who bring quality and service to their customers.

John Turner, Jr., President

Mike McGlothlin, Chief Financial Officer

Matt Kahny, Executive Vice President of Countertops, Home Centers and Distributors

Gianni Mattioli, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Research & Development

David Baran, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Operations

John Cousins, Senior Vice President, SSCs and Field Sales

Scot Bernstein, Vice President of Logistics

Claudio Caselli, Vice President of Research & Development

Troy Draper, Vice President of Sales Operations

Javier Eugenio Martinez Serna, President & General Director of Mexico Operations

Hector Narvaez, Vice President of Sales for Marazzi- and Ragno-brand Distributors

Sandra Reilly, Vice President of Home Center Sales

Rod Wedemeier, Vice President of Human Resources

Henry Behgam, Chief Information Officer